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The Mayurbhanj Biological Research(MBR) was founded in 24th December 1999 By Samir Kumar Sahu with the commitment and dedication of environmentalist, social activist, development researchers and experts in a variety of professions, plans were carried forward to create a private entity dedicated to the effective conservation research  , education on flora & fauna of Similipal, & the other Biosphere Reserves of India. With a motto of Protection of five “J’s” of Environment (Jal, Jamin, Jungle, Jan, and Jeevan)  in the course of time, MBR got involved in E-Governances(IT) , Higher Education and  Bioscientific  activities for the interest of the Global people.


Mayurbhanj Biological Research(MBR) become registered under societies Registration Act.1860 of (XXI) in the year 2000 and with valid Registered No- MBJ-7047-30 of 2000-01 on Date – 22nd  May 2000 Baripada, Mayurbhanj, Orissa . MBR is a right-based socio-scientific action group with its head quarter at Baripada, Orissa, India. MBR is working in diverse issues of public interest aiming at multi-fold development at the grassroots, regional/sub-national, and national levels, with "value for people" as its guiding principle.


Steps have since been taken to develop interactive MBR branches in other parts of the State. The MBR’s organizational structure includes its Executive Committee, Board of Trustees, Advisory Board, Executive Director, and Program Directors. Its activities are also guided and supported by its sponsors, partners and volunteers. In fact, MBR has thrived to date almost entirely on volunteer support from its board members, community members, and student.




Goal of MBR :


Protection of five “J’s” of environment (Jal, Jamin, Jungle, Jan, and Jeevan) and sustainable development of human of this earth by sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services and conserve for the future generation. 




Equation of MBR :


Good science + Good process + Good people = Conservation Success.













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